Nicole Russell
Autistic Adults NYC | An Autistic-run nonprofit organization I founded, currently serving as the Executive Director and President of the Board. Autistic Adults NYC is dedicated to serving the Autistic Community in the NYC area through various social and educational programs, advocacy and resources.
Photography Portfolio | My photography portfolio/personal blog.
Xena Glas | In 2022 I started releasing/performing experimental music under the name Xena Glas. Much of my work, some art, poetry, and review highlights are linked on this site. My last release was June 2023, currently taking a break from writing and performing to focus on non-profit things. 
Nicole Russell Music | I did my Bachelors Degree in Music Composition with a minor in Music Technology at the University of Texas at San Antonio, and Master's in Music Composition and Theory at New York University. This site is my portfolio of the works I created during those years (2016-2022). 
N. Russell Music Studio | I've been teaching piano, composition, and theory lessons for around 6 years now! This is my teaching website. 

Right: Xena Glas performance, photo credit @chthonicstreams
Left: Autistic Pride Day, photo credit JP Gomez

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